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We are SO excited to host our first virtual season February 7th, 2021 through March 21st, 2021. Each week will consist of 2 challenges and one race which the kids will do throughout the week on their own. On Sunday, we will get together on Zoom and divide into teams, building the energy and excitement for the following week!

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A "how-to" in completing this virtual season
Printable checklist to earn your prizes! Don't forget to submit the weekly google form with photo/video proof of each week's activities!
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February 7th - February 14th

Week 1


We typically host free running programs for kids in grades K-8, but this past season we needed to halt in-person programming due to COVID-19. This past fall, we hosted our first-ever virtual race. Even in a pandemic, our community conquers! But don't take it from me, peep the photos below!

Hosted by Run Charlottesville & Run Harrisonburg

Excited is an understatement! Let's start this season off right. Complete the two challenges and race detailed in the Week 1 Guide above by sending your photo/video confirmations to the google form. See you on Sunday to Zoom!!

Challenge #2 with us! 

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Book of the week 

Racing bib of the week

February 14th - February 21st

Week 2

Book of the week 

Racing bib of the week

Second week, same schedule! All building up to a 400-meter race at the end of the week! Get out there & crush your goals!

Book of the week 

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Racing bib of the week

February 21st - February 28th

Week 3

We got the LONGEST race of the season coming up this Saturday. Get through the activities and TACKLE the 800-meter race before Sunday's Meeting! Let's do this! 

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Book of the week 

Racing bib of the week

Week 4

February 28th - March 7th

Halfway through! This week we're racing the 200-meter run again. Compare your race, experience, and time to track your progress!

Challenge #1 with us! 

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Book of the week 

Racing bib of the week

March 7th - March 14th

Week 5

Week 5! Complete your activities, challenges, and races because we're sending out your prizes at the end of the week! 

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Book of the week 

Racing bib of the week

Week 6

March 14th - March 21st

Final week! The championship of all the races. Get after the 800-meter race and sport your new gear while doing it! 

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Book of the week 

Racing bib of the week


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