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Run Harrisonburg

"Run Harrisonburg was founded in the fall of 2019. Erin discovered what Run Charlottesville was doing for the Charlottesville community through her 5 year old nephew who was involved in the program. She decided to reach out to Maddie and Mary to learn more and see if founding a similar program in Harrisonburg would be feasible."



"Harrisonburg has many sports programs available, but most are not cost-free. According to the U.S. Census Survey, 28.2% of Harrisonburg citizens live in poverty and would not be able to afford to enroll their children in these sports programs. Run Harrisonburg was founded to provide a free running program and an introduction to sports for these children."

Meet the team! 

Erin Saunders
Erin Saunders
Erica Jackson
Caitlin Swanson

Co-Founder and

Program Director



Maddi Knight headshot.JPG
Sinead Sargeant headshot.JPG
Lilly Minor headshot.JPG
Madelynn Knight
Sinéad Sargeant
Lilly Minor

Graphic Designer

Social Media Manager

Volunteer Coordinator

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