Run Bugesera 

What is Run Bugesera?

Run Bugesera is Run Your City´s newest initiative to continue its mission of providing all children with an opportunity to learn about running and build healthy life choices. In partnership with Rwanda Children, we have decided to extend our mission globally to help those who need it the most. Run Bugesera will be an annual two-week program that brings hundreds of children together to promote community, engage in positive values, and connect with others. This program aims to provide kids in Bugesera a safe place to spend their days during the school vacation, a period in which otherwise they would have to work or spend their time in the streets.

Why Rwanda?

Rwanda is a small country in sub-saharan Africa. In 1994, it suffered one of the worst genocides in history, when over 800,000 Rwandans were killed in less than 100 days. While ethnic tensions have decreased and the country has progressed, nearly 80% of the population still lives on less than $3.20 a day. Run Bugesera aims to provide opportunity in a place where so much hardship and trauma has occurred.

What do we do?

Run Bugesera will fully organize a two-week program in Bugesera. This will be a day camp, where kids will come in, have breakfast and lunch provided, and have a series of varied activities planned throughout the day. Run Bugesera´s goal is threefold:

  • Provide kids in a challenging environment with the basic necessities and a safe, fun space to spend their day 

  • Teach and spread positive values, including leadership, healthy lifestyles, and community building based around Rwandan culture (Nd’Umunyarwanda)

  • Promote the sport of running to those who would previously have not been exposed to it and connect them with professional coaches and mentors

How can you help?

To fund this initiative, we are looking to work with dedicated partners while also relying on the generosity of donors to secure the resources needed to support the many kids that will participate in Run Bugesera. Donations will help fund a two-week program, where kids will have access to hot meals, freshwater, sports equipment, and staff care. Your tax-deductible donation would go a long way to make this initiative a success: 

  • $10 would provide 1 kid 3 meals a day, water, and a racing bib for two weeks 

  • $25 would provide 2 kids and one staff member 3 meals a day, water, and a racing bib for two weeks

  • $50 would provide 4 kids and 2 staff members 3 meals a day, water, and racing bib for two weeks

By Mail

719 Boylston St.,

Boston MA, 02116


Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: +1 (708) 560-1575

All proceeds go directly towards Run Bugesera

From all of us at Run Your City and Rwanda Children, we thank you for opening your heart to the kids of Bugesera.

Dates: July 25 - August 6th, 2022
Location: Rwanda Children Campus, Bugesera, Rwanda 
Directors: Serge Gasore & Mary Blankemeier
In partnership with Rwanda Children