Run Bugesera 

Due to COVID-19 Run Bugesera will be postponed untill Summer 2020

All donations go directly to Run Kigali 

Founders: Victor Shyaka, Vivien Mutangana, Bonheur Nganji, Mary Blankemeier

Next summer I am traveling to Rwanda where I am lucky enough to be working with Serge Gasore, former Division I runner and co-founder of Rwanda Children, a non-profit that aims to provide food, housing, family, and hope to children. Along with support from the Rwandan government, we will be working together to build a running program for local children during their two-week break from school. Every donation will go directly to the Run Bugesera providing each kid with food, water, socks, and excitement surrounding the existing running community. Run Your City was started with the vision of creating an inclusive community around the sport of running. Running will serve as the launching point from which we hope to achieve a much more significant impact. Each donation that is made to Run Bugesera will be received with immense gratitude. Thank you for your continuous support and generosity.


Mary Blankemeier